Dig It: Ice Age

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The fun blasts off when the Glacier Powder and Volcano Powder are mixed to create a magnificent eruption. Once the lava has settled, young explorers can use the included chisels, hammer and other tools to break the ice and reveal fascinating finds like a woolly mammoth, dire wolf, saber-tooth footprint and more. The excavation guide includes interesting facts about each discovery, colorful illustrations and step-by-step instructions to further enrich this hands-on experimentation!

• Includes Large volcano dig, Mini volcano dig, Volcano Powder, Glacier Powder, Beaker, Spoon, Stirring stick, Hammer, 2 chisels, Sponge, Brush, 2 water trays, 7 hidden artifacts plus 1 bonus hidden artifact & guidebook• Promotes scientific study and item classification

• Excavation guide explains each find

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

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