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About Us

A toy store should be an inviting place of magic, wonder, and whimsy. Launched in 2012, we set out to make Tiddlywinks just that. Since our first day, we've welcomed guests of all ages, from all over the state, and even out of the country. We've had the privilege of being here for many important life milestones, including baby announcements, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Over the years, we've watched our community grow and it's important to us that we contribute to that growth in our own special way, including involvement in our city's annual activities and supporting local philanthropic organizations.

We believe that no one is too old to have fun in a toy store, so all our toys, games, and books are designed to spark imagination and encourage play in all ages. We have something for every generation, items that can bring back childhood memories or create new ones. But we think that a toy store is more than just its products. At Tiddlywinks, our magic comes from you. We know and love the families that come through our doors, and we welcome all to join in the fun!